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Cervia is one of the mainly admired and famed seaside resorts in Emilia Romagna. Each year it welcomes millions of visitors to come here and enjoy the beaches, the greenness of the pinewood and the sea of this territory. The tourist can reach here by car from the northeast, drive down the main road S.S. 16 Adriatica in the direction Lidi Su. The nearest railway station to Cervia is Cervia – Milano Marittima, line Ferrare – Ravenna – Rimini tourist can reach easily to Cervia by the train. The nearest Airports are Bologna (Km 90), Forlì (Km 30) and Rimini (Km 30); all of them connected with the most important Italian and European towns through regular services and charter flights.

Timetable of train with Trenitalia
Airport Marconi of Bologna